Collapsed once lost all her hair!

Few days ago, i have seen a video about one top beautiful girl damaged all her hair.It meas that the world get dark immediately.She disposes one video with crying to warning others of how to handle your hair.Actually,once i see that,i fell sad even bad.But one good idea up to my head,i will send one free wig as gift to her.

Things went as for the wrong method to bleach her hair.She didnt watch the use instructions and put all the cream on hair.Few minutes later,she feel pricking of her scalp then her hair dropped down bit by bit,she got mad and cottupted,she asked help of her friend,but it didnt take efect,she burst into tears without handling the hair and she went to the hair salon with confident that her hair will be back soon,but workers told her it is obviously impossible.Otherwise,they give her recommand to wear one YOOWIGS top quality human hair without feint. Sure,the girl get amazing now for our YOOWIGS(360 royal dream lace frontal human hair wigs)---just like her own hair grow out from skin.(transparent skin dream lace cap and pre plucked natural hairline with baby hair all around).Otherwise,there are many options for you to choose:full lace wigs,lace front wigs,13x6.5 lace front wigs,human hair extensions,lace closures and so on.........

As the human hair seller,i really wish you can pay more attention on your own hair.What’s more,here are some special procedure suggestions to protect your wigs.

1.Daubing shampoo directly onto the hair In fact, the main function of shampoo is to clean dirt, daub the shampoo on the scalp, neck and root parts behind actually better, because only these places can shelter dirt. To reduce the amount of shampoo in the hair ends, it will cause the hair dry and Split.

2.Leave the conditioner on your hair for 5 minutes before it is washed out If you do this, it's just a waste of time. In fact, it doesn't make any difference to hair care. Hair conditioner usually works immediately, even if you put on conditioner when you start taking a bath, and your hair won't absorb more.

3.Rub your hair with a towel  When you rub the hair, accidentally yanked hair, will hurt the hair root and hair ends. The best way to do that is by patting your hair and making them dry faster. This method may be time-consuming, but can minimize the damage to the hair that the effect is better