What’s YOOWIGS Royal Dream Lace

Yoowigs dream lace firstly comes from Switzerland. Its predecessor was widely loved and used by the British royal family in field of glove, wrist yarn and veil production.The biggest reasons why it was so popular was that its material was silk,not as the regular material,but with highest quality:more softness,healthier and more comfortable.So it's everywhere in the British royal family and can be seen on the hat worn by Elizabeth II.

Besides health and comfort, Yoowigs dream lace is also highly transparent. Suitable for all skin colors. No matter the black,brown or white color, it wont’t conflict with your skin,otherwise It will perfectly match your tone as silk base,just like the hair grow out from your head,so you can wear it naturally and confidence.

Yoowigs dream lace was researched by our prefessional stylist.It is our own patent now with a uniform hexagonal hole, which makes it extremely breathable, When you wear it,you must feel much comfortable and doesn't feel stuffy. What’s more,It can also help your skin avoid all kinds of health problems resulted from unbreathing well.

In today's society, people not only pursue the beauty of things, but also hope to be more comfortable on the basis of aesthetics. As the words said:you will get what you paid.Just as the LV bag,salable products cost high to match its reality,however the copy one will cost extremely cheaper.Yoowigs dream lace does the word! Yoowigs dream lace with little higher price of the material so as to keep long term beautiful while make your comfortable feeling extremely strong.


YOOWIGS Dream Lace is making progress and striving for excellence!It will develop into the top brand products in human hair industry.