Why Yoowigs cost higher?

From date of opeing to yet,many clients doublt that why yoowigs with such higher price? Now here is the reasons. 

1:Yoowigs hair from 16/18 years younger and healthier girl

we built one special team to overseas to search the chinese/brazilian/peruvian/malaysian and all healthy 100% unprocessed human hair.Word can’t express how good it is,but you will see it different once you receive it.Yoowigs has its particular soft hair and can hold better quality last 1 year.Even though be winded or rained when you travel or hang out,bad weather can not damage its beauty.

2:Yoowigs creates its own patent lace products---royal dream lace

Many customer don’t meet the royal dream lace ever before,what they wear is the original lace in market.After you order one hair,you can compare it with your friends,you will see they have same lace pattern,no matter the color or material.In order to break through the traditional lace drawbacks(air proof,rough,unnatural,iiregularity,unhealth),yoowigs takes about 6 months to find varieties of lace material.Workers visit Switzerland personally to gather about 30 types of lace,they bring them back to China then send them to academy,Researcher draw a conclusion after comparing them totally over one month,they find one type lace is super up to the standards.it has the regular sexangle so that hair can be handied under the growing hair.What’s more,uper transparent lace color can match all the skin tone,no mater you are black,brown or white.Even within close range,she can’t find that you wear one wig.One important thing,this type lace only be produced 30000 yards per year,based on this situation,yoowigs hold all this type and create it to be own patent.It means when you choose YOOWIGS,no other friends will same as you.

3:One serious quality certification department

Yoowigs has its own supervision department to check each details of the hair.Professional workers over 15 years experience will inspect each wigs’ length,density and grams.if the length not up to the demand,or the density is thinner than requests,or the grams is lighter than weight,the hair will be customed again without delay the shipment date.We will guarantee one thing that you will receive the best quality products deserved your money.