YOOWIGS 2019 Design Fake Scalp

Hi yoowigs friends,how are you today?must be well YASSSS?I am EXCITED NOW.

Big announcement for Yoowigs 2019 Cap Innovation here,please just check what is it firstly.

Cap Construction(Inside Look,cover one Sterile Mesh Cap)

Extra Detachable Band,No Glue Needed

Outside Look,Super Natural,Where Lace?

YASSSS,this is yoowigs 2019 cap innovation.

Why we design fake scalp?One important thing,we want to help hair beginners and simplify the wear process.

As the first factory to design and develop human hair lace wigs,yoowigs experienced workers always stand by buyers and try to custom more quality and natural hair products for all.After 3 months search and test,the last design scalp meet you now.It will be the wonderful wigs to wear directly without glue.

How is it work?Why highly recommend?

1:No any work needed,just cut the lace to wear it directly 

2:Pre-plucked hairline as regular hair growth 

3:Pre-bleached knots with new techonology,do not worry sheding

4:No cap needed.simplify your wear process 

5:No glue needed,extra detachable band to fastern your cap.


Now pre-sale of fake scalp.Order over 2 times in yoowigs will free enjoy it.


If you are the wig beginners,highly recommend it to you.

Yoowigs will keep searching and designing to offer the best and comfortable hair products for you.

Beauty starts from head,Yoowigs custom your own royal dream lace wigs.