Yoowigs Anniversary Celebration

Clap Our Hands Babiee For Yoowigs Birthday

1: Time:7.1-7.7

    only 7 Days sale to thanks for all customer support,

2: buy 1 wig,20% off (exceot PRY/CS half price wigs),

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3: Our official will choose 10 luckynew buyers to send free wigs(randomly)

4: All customers place order in 7.1-7.7 will get free curling iron($99)

5: We also Accept 24/48 Hours Shipping Out

    yoowigs years biggest promotion,hope you can not miss it 

    Summer must be a good season to gather some wigs in stock with friendly price,different occasion need different expression,as the word says:" its never enough for women to get more beauty."Hair really takes the most important role in your daily fashion.Beauty starts from head,it shows with your confidence,your experience,your graceful.

Do not withhold thy beauty from thy beauty.

    Yoowigs royal dream HD lace up to all customer requests,no matter the black women or white or brown,it fits well out of your imagine.Why?Its highly transparent and ultra thin to match your skin tone.What's more,yoowigs professional workers custom the sing knots on lace,with light bleached knots,pre plucked hairline,the scalp just as your own hair grow out.