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    Hey beauties,first,yoowigs wish you a happy new year,all luckies will come to you.

    2020 is really hard for all of us,but we keep runing to act our wonderful life.Bad thing can't effect any of us,Now.2021 is coming,we need to do our best to love all good things which surrounding us.Of course,yoowigs must be the good friend to you.

     Following the update of the year,Yoowigs create more newest and natural high-end human hair wigs for you.what's the SPECAILS? Check the followings:

    1: Yoowigs cooperate with worldwide famous stylist to create highlight and ombre natural shade color hair for you .

    2:Yoowigs create super natural magic single knots wigs,just as the hair grow out,do not need any bleaching,so it will no any damage to the root, you can wear it with no shedding and use it in a long term.(friendly to hair beginners)

    3: Yoowigs will only do grade 12A top quality human hair (brazilian/peruvian/indian/chinese unprocessed virgin human hair)

    4:Yoowigs will only use HD film ultra thin transparent lace (it can fit any skin tone,because its super thin to melted)

   5:Yoowig will add special custom orders,for special colors,density,even longest length (all need to be special custom)

   2021,lets say,yoowigs will get better and better.

Sunday, January 24, 2021 11:17:54 PM America/Los_Angeles By cassie cassie

Clap Our Hands Babiee For Yoowigs Birthday

1: Time:7.1-7.7

    only 7 Days sale to thanks for all customer support,

2: buy 1 wig,20% off (exceot PRY/CS half price wigs),

    buy over 3 wigs 30% off,up to the wholesale price list,

3: Our official will choose 10 luckynew buyers to send free wigs(randomly)

4: All customers place order in 7.1-7.7 will get free curling iron($99)

5: We also Accept 24/48 Hours Shipping Out

    yoowigs years biggest promotion,hope you can not miss it 

     Summer must be a good season to gather some wigs in stock with friendly price,different occasion need different expression,as the word says:" its never enough for women to get more beauty."Hair really takes the most important role in your daily fashion.Beauty starts from head,it shows with your confidence,your experience,your graceful.

    Do not withhold thy beauty from thy beauty.

    Yoowigs royal dream HD lace up to all customer requests,no matter the black women or white or brown,it fits well out of your imagine.Why?Its highly transparent and ultra thin to match your skin tone.What's more,yoowigs professional workers custom the sing knots on lace,with light bleached knots,pre plucked hairline,the scalp just as your own hair grow out.

Monday, July 1, 2019 7:07:02 PM America/Los_Angeles By cassie cassie

Hi yoowigs friends,how are you today?must be well YASSSS?I am EXCITED NOW.

Big announcement for Yoowigs 2019 Cap Innovation here,please just check what is it firstly.

Cap Construction(Inside Look,cover one Sterile Mesh Cap)

Extra Detachable Band,No Glue Needed

Outside Look,Super Natural,Where Lace?

YASSSS,this is yoowigs 2019 cap innovation.

Why we design fake scalp?One important thing,we want to help hair beginners and simplify the wear process.

As the first factory to design and develop human hair lace wigs,yoowigs experienced workers always stand by buyers and try to custom more quality and natural hair products for all.After 3 months search and test,the last design scalp meet you now.It will be the wonderful wigs to wear directly without glue.

How is it work?Why highly recommend?

1:No any work needed,just cut the lace to wear it directly 

2:Pre-plucked hairline as regular hair growth 

3:Pre-bleached knots with new techonology,do not worry sheding

4:No cap needed.simplify your wear process 

5:No glue needed,extra detachable band to fastern your cap.

Now pre-sale of fake scalp.Order over 2 times in yoowigs will free enjoy it.

If you are the wig beginners,highly recommend it to you.

Yoowigs will keep searching and designing to offer the best and comfortable hair products for you.

Beauty starts from head,Yoowigs custom your own royal dream lace wigs.

Saturday, March 30, 2019 12:36:34 AM America/Los_Angeles By cassie cassie

No any words first,just check the royal dream lace show,feel it with Your deep heart.

Tell me your feeling?Surprised?Can't believed?How?

Yes,It is!!! 

It's Yoowigs royal dream lace.Totally transparent to suit any skin tone,bleached knot with appropriately skills without shedding,pre plucked super natural hairline as person regular growth hair.

Explain NOW different prices among all companies?Such as 18inch 150 density.

1:extremely lower price,not all 100% human hair(mix the animal hair,ABSOLUTELY)

2:not all 18inch,mix more short hair (8inch,10inch)HIDE IN the cap

3:no bleached knots,very fake hairline without any shape

4:super bad hair source material or damaged hair cant be bleached or colored again

5:machine weft very mess,made by no experience workers with more broken hair on top.

6:shipped by post office(USPS),very slowly custom time and delivery time



YOOWIGS is the opposite,starts from the high-end and is committed to creating the highest quality of human hair products.It engaged in producing royal dream lace wigs.With careful study of natural regular growth of human hair,Yoowigs use the latest hand-woven and dyeing technology to produce highly realistic swiss dream lace products.

Beauty starts from hair,as an integrated company of industry and trade,Yoowigs will custom your personal dream lace wigs with shortest process time,try second-day delivery method,let you enjoy the best shopping experience.

With highly confirmation by customers and clients,Yoowigs will keep customing the top royal dream lace wigs with all your requests,never let you down !!!

Sunday, January 6, 2019 11:42:38 PM America/Los_Angeles By cassie cassie

Let's enjoy yoowigs customers show and appreciate the magic of yoowigs royal dream lace.

With the clients demand,yoowigs always do heavy bleached knots and pre plucked hairline,baby hair all around.so when customers receive the wig,only need cut the lace then wear it.This must be good choice for first baby want to try a wig,right?Super natural expression will improve your confidence.Nobody will find you wear one wig.

One more thing,you can wear it sleeping.swimming.showering,guess anything you can do with your own hair.

Now $40 off for happy christmas and new year.its your time baby.Surprising gifts will arrived with your package.

Friday, December 7, 2018 7:35:07 PM America/Los_Angeles By cassie cassie

From date of opeing to yet,many clients doublt that why yoowigs with such higher price? Now here is the reasons. 

1:Yoowigs hair from 16/18 years younger and healthier girl

we built one special team to overseas to search the chinese/brazilian/peruvian/malaysian and all healthy 100% unprocessed human hair.Word can’t express how good it is,but you will see it different once you receive it.Yoowigs has its particular soft hair and can hold better quality last 1 year.Even though be winded or rained when you travel or hang out,bad weather can not damage its beauty.

2:Yoowigs creates its own patent lace products---royal dream lace

Many customer don’t meet the royal dream lace ever before,what they wear is the original lace in market.After you order one hair,you can compare it with your friends,you will see they have same lace pattern,no matter the color or material.In order to break through the traditional lace drawbacks(air proof,rough,unnatural,iiregularity,unhealth),yoowigs takes about 6 months to find varieties of lace material.Workers visit Switzerland personally to gather about 30 types of lace,they bring them back to China then send them to academy,Researcher draw a conclusion after comparing them totally over one month,they find one type lace is super up to the standards.it has the regular sexangle so that hair can be handied under the growing hair.What’s more,uper transparent lace color can match all the skin tone,no mater you are black,brown or white.Even within close range,she can’t find that you wear one wig.One important thing,this type lace only be produced 30000 yards per year,based on this situation,yoowigs hold all this type and create it to be own patent.It means when you choose YOOWIGS,no other friends will same as you.

3:One serious quality certification department

Yoowigs has its own supervision department to check each details of the hair.Professional workers over 15 years experience will inspect each wigs’ length,density and grams.if the length not up to the demand,or the density is thinner than requests,or the grams is lighter than weight,the hair will be customed again without delay the shipment date.We will guarantee one thing that you will receive the best quality products deserved your money.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018 1:01:05 AM America/Los_Angeles By cassie cassie

Yoowigs dream lace firstly comes from Switzerland. Its predecessor was widely loved and used by the British royal family in field of glove, wrist yarn and veil production.The biggest reasons why it was so popular was that its material was silk,not as the regular material,but with highest quality:more softness,healthier and more comfortable.So it's everywhere in the British royal family and can be seen on the hat worn by Elizabeth II.

Besides health and comfort, Yoowigs dream lace is also highly transparent. Suitable for all skin colors. No matter the black,brown or white color, it wont’t conflict with your skin,otherwise It will perfectly match your tone as silk base,just like the hair grow out from your head,so you can wear it naturally and confidence.

Yoowigs dream lace was researched by our prefessional stylist.It is our own patent now with a uniform hexagonal hole, which makes it extremely breathable, When you wear it,you must feel much comfortable and doesn't feel stuffy. What’s more,It can also help your skin avoid all kinds of health problems resulted from unbreathing well.

In today's society, people not only pursue the beauty of things, but also hope to be more comfortable on the basis of aesthetics. As the words said:you will get what you paid.Just as the LV bag,salable products cost high to match its reality,however the copy one will cost extremely cheaper.Yoowigs dream lace does the word! Yoowigs dream lace with little higher price of the material so as to keep long term beautiful while make your comfortable feeling extremely strong.

YOOWIGS Dream Lace is making progress and striving for excellence!It will develop into the top brand products in human hair industry.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018 12:24:21 AM America/Los_Angeles By cassie cassie

Few days ago, i have seen a video about one top beautiful girl damaged all her hair.It meas that the world get dark immediately.She disposes one video with crying to warning others of how to handle your hair.Actually,once i see that,i fell sad even bad.But one good idea up to my head,i will send one free wig as gift to her.

Things went as for the wrong method to bleach her hair.She didnt watch the use instructions and put all the cream on hair.Few minutes later,she feel pricking of her scalp then her hair dropped down bit by bit,she got mad and cottupted,she asked help of her friend,but it didnt take efect,she burst into tears without handling the hair and she went to the hair salon with confident that her hair will be back soon,but workers told her it is obviously impossible.Otherwise,they give her recommand to wear one YOOWIGS top quality human hair without feint. Sure,the girl get amazing now for our YOOWIGS(360 royal dream lace frontal human hair wigs)---just like her own hair grow out from skin.(transparent skin dream lace cap and pre plucked natural hairline with baby hair all around).Otherwise,there are many options for you to choose:full lace wigs,lace front wigs,13x6.5 lace front wigs,human hair extensions,lace closures and so on.........

As the human hair seller,i really wish you can pay more attention on your own hair.What’s more,here are some special procedure suggestions to protect your wigs.

1.Daubing shampoo directly onto the hair In fact, the main function of shampoo is to clean dirt, daub the shampoo on the scalp, neck and root parts behind actually better, because only these places can shelter dirt. To reduce the amount of shampoo in the hair ends, it will cause the hair dry and Split.

2.Leave the conditioner on your hair for 5 minutes before it is washed out If you do this, it's just a waste of time. In fact, it doesn't make any difference to hair care. Hair conditioner usually works immediately, even if you put on conditioner when you start taking a bath, and your hair won't absorb more.

3.Rub your hair with a towel  When you rub the hair, accidentally yanked hair, will hurt the hair root and hair ends. The best way to do that is by patting your hair and making them dry faster. This method may be time-consuming, but can minimize the damage to the hair that the effect is better

Sunday, July 8, 2018 8:30:06 PM America/Los_Angeles By cassie cassie